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I learned today that Depeche Mode have re-recorded one of their songs in Simlish, the language of The Sims...They've even done a video where the band appear as Sims.
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On November 21st, 2006 08:45 am (UTC), mattykinsthe2nd commented:
i was expecting that to blag my head more than that it did seeing as i'm still getting over a rather long weekend but i thought it was q cool. i used to sit for hours n watch my nbour play the newest sims.

it reminded me a bit of those anime videos that people make on youtube for songs. was a cool little story. shame it wasn't full length.

so what next hip hoppers doing gta san andreas videos?? lol.

i suppose it's good publicity as i think they have a compalation out. i'm only really familar with their violator stuff.
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